Friday, 8 May 2015

Floaty Light So Many Freebies!

Hia ^_^  

As i said before there are a bunch of events having birthdays this month and the most generous designers invoved have handed out some fabulous freebies for us to collect. there really are loads of them, i can't do them all but ive hand picked some of my personal favorites to show you gurls ^_^

Floaty balloon seat : Blueberry - Floatie (FaMESHed 3rd Anniversary Gift) ❤ Free Gift

Sneakers : FLite. Lowtop Ducks - Pink 

Choker : pr!tty - Choker - {Buggy}❤ Free Gift
SunGlasses : ANE - Cateye Sunglases (TCF gift) ❤ Free Gift
Flower Ring : ::C'est la vie !::  - Manon Ring(pink) ❤ Free Gift
Wrist Bands : [BREATHE] - Ataraxy Bracelet-L-Pink ❤ Free Gift
Floaty octopus buddy : :moon amore: Bday Octopulpo ❤ Free Gift
Crystal Ring : Pink Acid Royalty Kingdom Double Stone Cuil Ring ❤ Free Gift

pr!tty - Kitten - {Headbands} [Pink]
AMITOMO.T-Shirt+Sweatshirt tied around neck SET2
Birdy - Ferret Friend - Hug - Pink RARE

SPIRIT - Wayat boyfriend jeans 

Piercings : :Diamante: Prestigious - Mesh Facial Piercing
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Malea

Loads of goodies right?  Big thank you to the Designers <3  this is only a small selection theres LOADS! il probably find some more to show you over the next few posts to keep an eye open. check out TMD for these fab jeans i love em! lots of fitting options too <3

Oh and GET a FERRET!!!  they are at chapter 4 and omg! they are ADORABLES!!!  lol if your looking ive got a few on my gacha stall .. yup .. unashamed plug haha 

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : { T'Ink }
Eyes : Buzz
Skin : Essences
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya

Location : """ oporuto """

you might have noticed i did this post on location !!  i saw this epic post by Katat0nik Pigeon a while back and had to go visit the sim, its Gorgeous! wack your grafix right up all the shadows you can handle and just walk around its amazing! 

right im done! hope you at least found a few freebies that tickled ya fancy ^_^

Luvs ya Ladies! 

Titty ❤