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Dollies!!  Hai Hai <3

And its a new week.. ok 2 days into the new week im a little behind ...  tragic happenings this weekend!!  but i won't horrify you with the deets.. anyways .. Romp! i love this event its so nawti! Loads of saucy sexy kinky stuff .. fun for all the family!!  well not the little ones you have to be 18 or over to go there :P  Not just Romp But Anybody opened up too and lil ole meh is in that one! \o/  omg and chapter 4!   * cries * sooo many events ... so little time...   ha almost forgot Fameshed!  seee too amny events People!!!   i can't keep up!!

 Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Ka-Pow! 

Hair : +Spellbound+ - Kitten
Muzzle/ears : +Spellbound+ - Kitten
Harness : Sweet Thing. - Helli Harness
Collar : The Horror!~ Keht Collar
HandCuffs : OA/[CON]  ( just the box the slut harness came in!
it was so cool i wanted to use them in a picture too :P )

Boots : CandyDoll - Linda Pale Rose

Backdrop : {iD}- RooM PartitioN  / BricK
Bindi : MONS / MESH - MoonBindi
Eyes : L'Etre - Mesh Eyes [#37]

 .:Soul:. Kissers [v.2] - Doll - Vampire / Kitten Teeth 
Claws : Meva - Fantasy Nails 

So many goodies! more to come too, i got a lotta stuff from Romp! so be prepared for nawtiness,  epiphany opens in a few hours... can you hear my wallet crying already? lol  so expect some gacha goodies over the next couple of days too, Colaber88 too OMG gacha... so many events!   took me forever.. and i do mean Forever to get into Colaber88, i left myself on for 5 hours!! while i watched stuff and she still didnt get in lol   insane! but worth it! 

Oh yeah the hand cuffs ... funny story... i was given a blogger pack from constraint with thier items from Romp and as i added it to unpack it ... i heard the chink chink of hand cuffs and i was chained up! sooo awesome!  so i figured, i'd actually use the handcuffs/box as a prop in a picture coz they were too cool not to use for something good <3 

See ya soon!!!
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Titty Sprinkles


Hai ^-^ I's Titty! Cute, funneh and adorably reagaly Pink! i love to blog stuff, the whole thing, building the backdrops hunting down props, poses and pissing about with lighting, i love to shop! like all girls i think, of course i love to show off too so this is meh showing off \o/ i hope you enjoy me as mush as i do * giggles * oh and my spelling is terrable forgives meh? :)