Warm Summer Nights

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Hai Dollies!   does it bother anyone that i always say that?  at the start of like every post! lol just wondering,   well.. today we have some awesome stuffs from Uber!  i like this event coz it has out sim cam shopping, .. sometimes its better than getting into the event its self it really is, you can just cam over with no lag and grab demos AND try them without having to go home and fight to get back in coz theres so much lag nothing is attaching or when it does go on you don't get to see it for a month while it rezzes lol   off sim shopping is the way to go if you ask me! so much less stressful and honestly i buy more when i can try stuff on and things coz with so much lag ya get fed up tp home and never go back ... or at least i do .. but then il look on seraphim and see what i missed in the gallery.  anywhoo's  i'l stop ranting and give the deets on all these goodies!!!

@ Uber

Dress : TETRA - Sahara Dress (Nude)
Feet Jewelry : JD - Sahara Hipp
Necklace : (Yummy) - Tuareg Beaded Necklace 
Arm Chains : Zaara - Raksha arm-chain
Lanterns : :CP: - Desert Rose Lantern

Glasses : [Z O O M] - Levian Glasses
Ring : =Zenith= - Boho Ring (Flower) - Sliver SL13 Gift @ C88
Nose Ring : .random.Matter. - Nodin Feather Chain
Hand Tattoo :  {T'Ink} Sahara Pink  (lucky letter gift )

ooh yeah imma do a lucky board up in the store with these pretty hand tattoo's inside, theres 4 to get, pink, blue, multi and henna  they will be out on monday... or sunday night, i did wanna get them done today but sadly its nearly 11pm and ive gotta get some sleep so il do em tomorrow! :P 

Titty Sprinkles


Hai ^-^ I's Titty! Cute, funneh and adorably reagaly Pink! i love to blog stuff, the whole thing, building the backdrops hunting down props, poses and pissing about with lighting, i love to shop! like all girls i think, of course i love to show off too so this is meh showing off \o/ i hope you enjoy me as mush as i do * giggles * oh and my spelling is terrable forgives meh? :)