Dollies! bet you don't even recognize me do ya?   Ive finally got a new head! yes its still as ditzy and up in the clouds as the old one but this ones an upgrade, i went bento, it has taken me a while to take the leap as i loved my old head to bits.  i went all out and got a new skin too .. its taken be DAYZ! to get it right as i said in my other post before this one, i got so hung up on it i was 2 days late posting lol i think this is it though, all the tweeks done, This is the new Face of Princess Titty Sprinkles!  I really hope you like it!


Hair : TRUTH - Scout
eye makeup : . MILA . - Glossy Eyelid GROUP GIFT  @ cosmetics fair till June 30
 Lips stick : Pink Acid & Catwa - Queen Akina Lip Gloss Set @ Appliqué till July 7 


 Corset/top : *Epic* - Rainbow.Girl.Set White 
Lollypop : *katat0nik* - Panda Banana Pop image

  Skirt : *Epic* - Rainbow.Girl.Set White 
 Socks ; *Epic* - Rainbow.Girl.Set White 
 Shoes : *Epic* - Charmed Heart Princess Heels 

Props n Poses

Poses : 1- Serendipity - simpleness.. @ Redoux
3 - BellePoses - IcePop Girl  
Kitty : Intrigue Co. - Carousel Cats image

So i could not find the Belle poses pose in the main store and i totally forgot where i got it.. i did find it on the marketplace so i put that as the link.
So marks outa 10 for the head? how did i do? i'm pretty happy ... infact i think she looks absolutely ADORABLES! 

See ya soon! 

Hai Dollies!   its that time again... its the weekend!!!  lol i think ive said that borefore im getting total dejavu  anyways...  i went wandering around SL for this post to find somewhere pretty to take mai picture, i think i did ok. that reminds me, i forgot to pick up mai grass .... oops il fix that as soon as im done here.... the sim i used is Pink Taco Island there are a bunch of islands around there that all have rez rights so you can pop your poses out and snap your shots, its really nice some lovely spots to take pictures.

Hair : TRUTH - Rumor 
Eye makeup : Arte - Pearl de Mar - Set 03
nose ring : MINIMAL - Gio Piercing *5* @ Chapter 4 till July 1st
 Lipstick : Bella Elephante - Rita @ The Vintage Fair till June 25th 
Choker : Kibitz - Love choker GROUP GIFT 

Top : Addams  - Jay Necklace Top
 Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Crystal @ Appliqué till July 7th 
Arm bands : [Cynful] - Rendezvous Bracelet @ Collabor88
Rings : .Drastic. - Rose Gold Heart Ring Set @ Somber till July 6th

Skirt : :: PM :: - Jovienne Skirt @ On9 till June 28
Shoes : [BREATHE] - Saki Heels @ Liaison Collaborative till June 30th

Props 'n' Poses

 Pose 1 :  Elephante Poses - Dive @ Liaison Collaborative  
Pose 2 : Serendipity - simpleness @ REDEUX till june 21st
Pose 3 - FOXCITY. Good Morning @ On9

oh boi did i get distracted or what!!!! i ment to post this on friday but i got a new bento head and ive been obsessed with getting it to look right ever since.. ive done nothing else but tweek my shape, trying skin demo's, shape demo's to get inspiration ... but finally .... Titty got a little make over .. il reveal all next post!!! <3 

Dollies!  Hai!!  its that time again ... it's the WEEKEND!!!!  the weather here sucks so i'm locked indoors but on the up side it gave me time to get this done and share with you some goodies.
so what do ya think? Titty the Bubble Goth chick!  theres a whole lot more black in this picture than i would usually do but i think she pulls it off eh?  i was gonna go all pink n fuzzeh but then i got these boots from my brand new Sponsor EPIC!  woot! and the whole post changed to work them in, inspired i was ... this is what i came up with, i even made a tattoo to fit the theme too thats gonna be in appliqué this month. anyways lets get on with those all important deets <3

Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ - Missy Mesh Hair image @ Chapter4 till July 1st
Eyemakeup : Stix ~ Under-Eye Shadows 
Lipstick : alaskametro - "Sugar" makeup palette
 Collar : *Epic* - Over.The.Pastel.Rainbow.Collar! 

Jacket : {vincue} - Amelie+Jacket - Noir
Top : :::insanya::: - RaverTop HUNT GIFT  Womens only Hunt
 Tattoo : {T'Ink} Lace Moon @ Applique opens 15th 

 Skirt & Suspenders : Razor/// Danger Skirt w/ Garter @ Anybody till July 4th 
Stockings : _CD_- Bunny Collection Fishnet Socks RARE image
 Thong : :::insanya::: Nanokini - M.Lara - Thong @ Anybody 
 Boots : *Epic* Angel.Heart Platform.Sneakers! @ Chapter4 

Backdrop & Poses 

 Poses : //elephante poses// Lemonade @ Vintage Fair till June 25th 
BackDrop : anxiety - algorithm 
Neon Sign : [ bubble ] Never Give Up Neon Wall Decor @ Chapter4 

why is it when it comes to listing all the stuff in the picture theres always more than you think?  every time!  lol 

Well with so much going on this weekend you won't be lost for things to do, so go explore buy some cuteness and il see ya soon <3 

Hai Dollies!!   happy Sunday!  woohoo Monday is just around the corner!!!  haha  i know i hate mondays too  but never mind eh, its not here yet!
the weekend hold the beginning of the womens only hunt, so many awesome goodies all for free to be found in coconuts throughout some of SL's most awesome stores! theres actually a good mix of stuff this round, all kinds of stores are involved so there is most defiantly something in there for everyone! il put a link at the bottom where to get your hud. its cool actually, the Hud as it holds all your LM's and hints in it.. dead easy for bouncing around grabbing gifties and hopefully finding stores you love that you didnt know where there.. thats my favorite thing about hunts.. take you places you never go!  the Arcade also opened this weekend... ive not been personally, i did go for a snoop around the Seraphim Yardsale my favorite place to snag them items ive gotta have, since they are only allowed to sell items at pull price you won't find rare items but you also won't get ripped off buying a common. \o/

Hair : Magika - A Perfect MessImage result for sale sign animated gif SALE ON NOW Image result for sale sign animated gif 
Collar/harness : Birdy. - Baby Girl - Lara -  Harness (for top) - Silver @ The Arcade till june 30 image
makeup is the same as my last post.

Top : Birdy. - Baby Girl - Lara - Top - White/Pink The Arcade image
Jacket : Birdy. - Baby Girl - Lara - Jacket - White/Pink The Arcade image
Tattoo : {T'Ink} Summer Treats HUNT GIFT  

Skirt : Birdy. - Baby Girl - Lara - Skirt - White/Pink The Arcade image
Shoes : MOoH! Gail boots Pastel @ The Thrift Shop till june 18 


Dragon puffs : darkendStare. dragon puffs @ Sanarae till June 18  image
Bookshelf backdrop : Astralia - Messy bookshelf background The Arcade image
Pose 1 : La Baguette
Poses 2/3:  FoxCity

Womens Only Hunt hud is available here  

more comming tommorow i hope, coz ive got a new sponsor to show off ;P