Hia Dollies!   Am i Spoiling you with all these posts recently?  yes is the answer yes i really am :P

I HAD to show this outfit off coz its like.. Gorge!!! i went shopping at Tres Chic coz i saw on flickr these amazeballs socks and had to go get them and hallelujah they were not in a gacha!!!   These are so lovely and so much a bargain too they come with a full colour hud thingy so you can mess about with then to your hearts content and they will match pretty much everything you own coz they come in so many colours!  <3 <3 <3  much love thankyou so much !  i do love a bargain!  not only was the sox a bargain but this adorable shorts suit was too 50% off! i think it was 125L awesomeness! more generosity we thankyou!  so as you can see i REALLY hadda to blog is .. <3

Romper suit ; Belle Epoque -{ Ibbie } Pink
Waistcoat : Mimikri - Fur Vest / Klio white
Sox : =Zenith= - Vintage Lace Legwarm(all colors)

Collar : AsteroidBox. - Fruity Collar image Tanku

Poses From  : XXY - Cute and sweet pack &  Sexy Lolita Pack image Tanku

Hair : TRUTH HAIR - Cerys

I'd also like to say a huge Tanku to AsterroidBox for taking me on as a blogger! So cool, coz they makes the cutest stuffs <3   Everything else i'm wearing has already been blogged to look back to find it, go buy this stuff!!!!  its sooo cute!!!! 

Hia Dollies!!!   Happy Weekend!!! its a soggy sunday morning here and boi have i had a bad night, my neighbors were at it again from midnight to 6AM!!!! shouting and screaming and fighting, no sleep for me!  so as a result i's so grumpy!!!!  Grrrrrr Arrrgg!!  i likes mai sleep and they stole it! Meanies!  fingers crossed i'l get some sleep tonight,  in the mean time   as ya know the Fluffy and Fierce event opened a couple of days ago, or you might not know... ive not seen it on seraphim's feed! bit of an over sight me thinks, i though EVERY event was on there lol   but maybe its just late... anyways its an awesome event theres loads of great brands there and some really cute and dark scary stuff the sim is cute too you should totally check it out.  ive got some stuffs from there to show you and more coming too, kustom 9 also opened this week some nice stuffs there to i even went a little nutz on a gacha.. i know so unlike me right? lol  but i got the rare one!!!!  * happy Dance *

Dress : [QE] - Brookie Dress image Tanku
Sox : .::Supernatural::. - Lia Mint/Lilac
Shoes : *Epic* - Super Kosmic.Kicks! image Tanku
Undies : +Fawn's Demise+ - Cheap Frills - Panty image Tanku
Freckles : {T'Ink} - Cheek Sprinkles  ( Hunt Gift ) 
Thigh Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Sweet Tooth 
Ear Rings : [ bubble ] - Fluffy Earrings image Tanku

Whore Couture 
Poses : [XXY] Sexy Lolita Pack 

Eye makeup : Bossie. - doll eyeshadow
Lashes : Bossie. - doll lashes
Brows : Insol - 'Wild' brows 

Guinipig : Toro. - Guinea Pig Gacha
Decor : :HAIKEI: - Moon Drops gacha

Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ - Miki 

Loads of cute goodies in this post eh? plenty to keep you busy while i do mai next one anyways, i forgot to mention there is a Hunt that goes with the F&F event, the clues are all in the booths at the events with a LM to that stores Main location, where you can find the gift, its a really nice idea to get people to visit main stores as well as the event, so much is missed since main stores seem to be out of fasoin at the minute since there are so many events around, back to main stores!!!  people put a lotta love into them and they should be visited more i think <3

Hia Dollies, A mid week post!  i'm spoiling you :P   its coz i haz sooo much to show off this week im doing more pictures, theres a lot going on  the whore couture event is now open and in full swing, the arcade is closing soon! oh don't forget the fluffy and fierce event thats opening in a couple of days too, ive already been over there and there are some REALLY fab offerings up and half the stores are not even set up so think of whats to come!  ok so ... whats in this one ... A MAN!!!  ok not really its just his shadow.. who is he? i's not tellin!!!!

Corset : [CX] - Risque Corset image Tanku
Top : **RE** - Bad Girl Top - White
Shoes : #EMPIRE - Aubreita
Collar : [Fetch] - Prissy Collar image Tanku
Leg bands : *MUKA* - Leg Strap

 Thigh Tattoo : {T'Ink} Sweet Tooth  (Coming soon to F&F)
Hair : /Wasabi Pills/  - Vic

Sofa, lamp, curtains, horse head : Myrrine - MICHELLE creme sofa RARE, lamp pink, curtains and horse wall deco @ Arcade
Rug, Pet bed, Pom pup, Pillow : Birdy - Boudoir, Fur Rug Pink,  Pom bed, Pom Snow RARE, Fur Chair Pink ( Made Tiny ) @ Arcade
Cat : +Half-Deer+ - Magical Curiosities - Two-Headed Cat - Look (Snow) @ Arcade
Royal Chiwowa : Birdy - Royal Pets - Chihuahua - Spot @ Arcade

Poses : CW Poses

Right there ya go all the goodies, anything not listed was probably worn in the post before this so check it out too! I found a Little pose shop while i was bouncing around the other day, i was looking for a modeling chair with poses coz i wanna use it for my next picture so on the marketplace i went as always and i found this store, went inworld to try some of the poses out coz 70% of the time my hands are in mai Butt lol got there tried out the whole store and bought a bunch of poses!!  Go see! some great stuff! 

Make sure you check out the whore couture event too its HUGE! Loads of saucy nawtie Stuff to grab and the build is real easy to get around, its a pleasure to shop over there <3 

Guess What!!!!!    your Perfect Pink Princess Dolli here got accepted to blog for the whore couture event!!!!  I's over the MOON!!!   Woohoo!!!  I love this event its massive, so many fabulas stores and all of it nawti!  this round is especially nawti coz its back to school themed so now you see wai im so excited eh? lol i love the nawti school gurl thing, soo me!!!   well this is mai first posty of a few this week Featuring items from the event for you to see and go pick em up for yaselves!!

Hair : [RA] - Sabrina Hair
Skirt/Sleeves/collar : *PROMAGIC* -  Study - Skirt / Sleeves / Collar BW
Shoes : MoDANNA - [Fleurine Collection] Shoes w/bows Black
Ear Rings : MINIMAL - Virginia set Silver

Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Psycho Bunneh
Top : :::insanya::: - RaverTop Lust 

Rings Left :  *Tentacio* - Doom girl gacha. Rings
Ring Right : (Yummy) - Little Princess Ring
Glasses : Sleepy Eddy - #Glasses Collection / Round (Black)

Teeth/Tounge Piercing : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* - CATWA Head TEETH "Piercings"
Tummy Sticker : {T'Ink} Stickr Studs Gacha ( Coming soon F&F event ) 
Freckles : {T'Ink} Cheek Sprinkles ( Coming soon F&F Hunt)
Note Book/Pencil : -RC- Dear Diary, I'll hold you close. RARE
Bandage Sox : *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 8: asikiri usagi

Poses : Junk - Awkward pose sets, FLF Special! 

theres gonna be more posts than usual this week since i have so much to show you from the whore event! so cool. i's still so pleased to be picked, as you might notice there is a couple of things from my store with comming soon on them, i am in the fluffy aand Fierce event that opens really soon, and these are a preview of what il have available for that, theres also a tattoo im in the middle of drawing so i hope your gonna loves it,   

The whore couture event opens September 10Th @ 7am! slt  Shop till ya drop dollies! <3

Hia Dollies!!!  Wow What a fun weekend so far. thunder storms and torrential rain! i fist fight outside my house at 4am this morning in the rain .. it was so funny 3 drunk chicks bashing the craps outa each other in the rain!  if they hadda been in thier front garden it coulda been mud wresting and idda taped it for youtube!  but thats nothing to do with SL is it? Nope!!  Check out my new outfit!!! ts sooo cute!!  Katat0nik does it again with the coolest stuff out there, not to forget some gorgeous hair from magika and some so adorable booties from CK too  among other bits that il tell you about in a minute, lets see what events have i been to this week ... the kawaii project is still open, though its half empty, made me sad, SaNaRae opened the other day! <3 lots of cuteness there, uber too but i aint been able to get in yet lol ..

Dress : *katat0nik* (evil / L) School Ghoul Uniform
Bow & Cuff : *katat0nik* (white) School Ghoul Bow &  (pink) School Ghoul Skull Cuff
Bench/Rug : Candy Crunchers - Rocker Girl - Chill Table / Rug
Mouthie cookie : [La Baguette] Honey Heart biscuit (Mouth)

Socks : AsteroidBox. // Thigh High Sockies // Slink High // Black
Hair : Magika - Five Minutes
Shoes : C,KSuperstar sneakers
Glasses : [Z O O M] Milus Glasses
Sign : Wimey: Think, Believe, Dream, Dare Wall Art   * See Below*
Butterflies : hive // butterfly wall [rainbow]
Choker : .tsg. 90s Choker Multi Stacked @ Kawaii Project 

so after taking the picture i went to go check the store that sign came from to see if it was out there somewhere, sadly i could not find it, but the store recently had a make over so it might have been lost in the move ... it might show up i dunno, im really sorry if you came here looking to find it, my Bad! 
other than that everything else is ok, the hair is a new one from magika, these shoes are adorable and come with a huge colour hud with lots of options on different denims! so cute  imma do another post pretty fast this week coz i wanted to show you something and the fetish fair ends in 2 days!!!! so its gonna be a super fast omg go get this kinda thing lol  see ya soon <3

Hia Dollies?!!!   so who hasn't got pokemon go?  wait what am i saying it means you gotta go outside!!! i bet lots of you dun have it coz you is so stuck in sl! i know that feeling well lol  but nowerdayz i's outside a fair bit hunting down pokemon while my dog runs around like a plonker! always muliti task ladies! if you's gonna be outside make the most of it i say! ..  anyhows..
The manga fair opened and its full of cuteness!!  wai wasn't i allowed to blog for this one? i dunno lol but ah well! i shopped anyways!  spend a small fortune in the cosplay gacha without getting the pika ball costume!!!!  i was GUTTED!!!!  i nrealy cried i wanted it so bad...  but a few dayz later.. while shopping at blueberry with mai favorite MR! he says " close your eyes and count to ten "  so i do ... expecting him to tp off and leave me all alone ... but .. i open my eyes and ......  He only got me the pikaball costume!!!!!   i nearly broke into tears i was so happy .. sooo silleh i is but it was the sweetest thing anyones done for me in FOREVA!!!!   Mr Meeks Tanku for making my year!!  he really is the bestest MR in SL and mai bestest Man-friend out there! even if he does creep me out with pervy bumpers i still lubs him muchly <3

Costume : Sweet Thing. - Disastrous Handmade Cosplay - PikaBall RARE
Sox : AsteroidBox. - Thigh High Sockies
 Choker : BabyDoll. - Moon Choker 

Hair : Doe - April (Solid) 

HeadSet : Sweet Thing -Power Scouter Toy - Cutie

Eyelashes : [Buzz] - The Flutter Lash {Catwa Applier HUD}
Freckles : [Buzz] - The Subtle Freckles {Catwa Applier HUD}

image Teeth/Tongue : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head TEETH "Rainbow Kiss" image

Pika Ears : .Imouto. - Idol Pika Ears - Pink
Sneakers : *CK* - Like a princess sneakers
Wristbands : *MUKA*-  Claire
Poses : I made em! 
Grass's : Garden by anc slight wildgrass & Garden by anc Dotty wildgrass 

Poke Balls 

image [FREEBIE] Pokémon Egg image

Pikachu Pet

image = Freebie! TY Ty TY!!!!
 = Sponsor Item Ty Ty Ty! <3

Back drop : http://drmaniacal.deviantart.com/art/Mankey-Forest-292857048

So much stuff again, i do like to pack it in there haha anything missed you can find it on the post before this coz i already used it ..  so much fun i had with mai cosplay outfit! i's been bouncing around everywhere in it with a pika walker making walking sounds, soo annoying i bet haha

Thats it im done! back soon, i think imma do some alice stuff next... we will see!!! coz i might change mai mind, i's good at that! <3 

Hai Dollies!!   Hows ya weekend going?  i's so sorreh i missed last week, RL ya know.. appointments and bed days  you know how it is, but here i am this week with something so cuuuuute!!!!

The Gacha garden opened this week and theres like 50 million machines there plenty to keep everybody busy and skint for weeks lol .. i kinda like this one coz if you play 20 times you get the extra special item free, no points to collect or nothing you just play the same machine get lots of cool stuff and the special one if you play enough, its great when theres something you REALLY want but don't get so your ploughing all you cash into the thing but you get this special gift for being a gacha addict!! lol  its thier birthday too so theres a bunch of gifts laying around to get over there before thier gone!!

yikes!!  pc died last night so im yet another day late posting this .. Grrrrr

undies : Milk Tea: My Sweet Francine - Seraphim  SOI
Kitty Ears/Paws : [ abrasive ] ; Starlite Kitten Ears - Pale /  Starlite Kitten Paw Gloves RARE
Arm/Leg Bands : [ abrasive ] ; Ribbon Arm Band SOI /  Ribbon Leg Band - Kitten

Shoes : #EMPIRE - Clover 
Hair : .:EMO-tions:. * MEI * @ Hairology
Collar : Violent Seduction - Aureus Collar
Crown : BellePoses - Hyuna Crown (inside the pose pack, there is also a blue one set as a freebie!) @ Manga Fair
 Tattoo : {T'Ink} Calories!  @ Anybody 
Nails : [CX] Broken Claws (Light) 
Nose Ring : LOTUS - Treasure Septum - Silver
Poses ; SLC SS Pose - NEKOMOE#
Light : [atooly.home] # neons .treat yoself.

finally! done 2 days late don't you just flipping love RL!!! gets in the way of everything !!!

oh yeah the crown i's wearing is part of the pose pack listed but if you don't mind a blue one then go over and grab the free gift inside the store booth, its a blue version and its adorable!!  <3

Anybody has had a huge make over too all new building and set up and it looks awesome!! go check it out

Hia Dollies!!   Yeah i's late with this .. was ment to be done over the weekend but ya know.. sunshine!!!  i was out in the garden sucking up the rays <3   but i came back inside coz i felt bad.. i knew you'd be waiting :P

so its that time of the month when the Kawaii Project opens a new round!!  macarons everywhere!!!  so cute. i picked up a few things while i was there, not too much though,   i read on sl secrets a very very poinient post that was going on about events and the event culture thats over taken SL  ive gotta say .. 99% of whats on that site is laughable ( even the post about my tattoo months ago,   i felt so special when i saw that lmao )  but this one actually has a point, when was the last time you went to a main store for a new release???   bet its been a while!   we seem to have fallen into a rut of buying what ever is the latest event exclusive from our favorite stores and more often than not the same stores again and again then a week later a new event opens and that item you bought is old hat and you go buy something else, nothing seems to last anymore, there are some amazing Main store locations out there, some really nicely built well loved spots that no one ever see's anymore coz all we do is event shop!  I'm gonna try not to do that as much!  i mean i love events, i do it is nice to have so much choice in one spot but in the end ... you end up only shopping at those vendors who are allowed into those events, many many many other fantastic creators are excluded from, its a real shame,

( skips down from her soap box and coughs cutely )

Ok so .. treats!! Macarons! and Kinky outfits and posed from romp!! yay! mix in the cuteness of a new puppy and your in for a winning post i think <3

Outfit : [ abrasive ] Darling Peekaboo - Blue
Harness : [ abrasive ] Darling Ruffle Harness Pink
Collar : Sweet Thing. Babygirl Collar 
Pose 1/3/4 : elephante poses - Electraimage Tanku image

Macaron seat : Atomic. Gacha - Fluffy Macarons 
Pasties : .Atomic. Gacha - Fluffy Macarons ( 2 of them made tiny and attached )
Braclets :  ALTAIR - macaron bracelet

Hair : Doe: Loopsie (solid) - Pastels
Dragon : darkendStare. diabolic dragonlings [Pitchfork] RARE
Kitties : MishMish - Kitties go to market - 
Princess Macaroon EXCLUSIVE
 Can't find?
New puppy : JIAN - Countryside Collies - Companion Pup Blue Merle
imageSox : "mignon." - little doll cafe. knee high socks. FREE GIFT! image

Garter : B.C.C. - Crystal sailor girl - Garter
Necklace : B.C.C. Crystal sailor girl - Silver

Shoes : [BREATHE] - Meraki Heels
Lights : floorplan - neon II / cloud
 floorplan. neon skull / pink 
Rug : LISP - Vintage Summer Rugs
Backdrop : RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Cottage Shore
Stool : [MG]Like Macaron Chair2 MIX G-5
Rings : REIGN.- My Little Cupcake Ring- Gold RARE / [CxC] - MacaronRing*Sweet*
Tattoo :  {T'ink}- Poke Me   ( coming soon )

Cuteness right?  hope there was something you liked, note on the macaron pasties, they are actually the macaron seats from the gacha but shrinked down really really small and the the shadows hidden in edit, ... i just liked them so much seemed a shame to go find other pasties Thank goodness they were mod!  <3

I will be releasing the tattoo tomorrow in the main store, i's too tired to do it tonight.