Hiya Dollies! Had a good week? mines been interesting, lots of RL stuff and lots of RAIN! i finally got this picture finished, ive been dicking around with it for 4/5 days i just couldn't get it right.. but finally with the help of my beloved Daryl we got it done and dusted!   Huge shout out to My Favorite MR for buying me the most amazballs Puppy crate!

Puppy ears/harness: Ama. - Sweet Pup Mask
Hair : Doe: Pippy - Pastels image @ Rewind till June 10
Collar : ::GB:: - Take me Leash / Female (White) @ Romp Till May 26
 eye makeup : D.Design - Sunset Shadows set @ Appliqué till June 7 

Undies : Violent Seduction - Harmonia Set @ Romp
Cuffs : .Quirky. - Delicate Cuffs - White

Puppy Tail : Ama. : - Pup Tail
 Shoes/Sox : MOoH! - Rae Socks and Pumps 

lollpop tray : The Horror!~ Sweets Kit (Bubblegum) image
Rug : {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Pink Cookie Rug image
Puppy cage : Stockholm&Lima - The Puppy Crate
Neon : [Kres] Kinky Neon - 6 image
Plug Tray : The Horror!~Amore Collection // Clutter Platter (Light) image

1 Le Poppycock - On the Edge Post Set @ Ultra till June 15
Pose 2 - I made it!

ive been making my own personal poses for years never thought about putting packs together for sale but i think {T'Ink} Might be getting a pose section soon, starting with a set of puppy girl poses coz.. well i'm a real life Puppy Girl so its something close to my heart.. and a good way to start me thinks eh?   anyways ... that will come soon promise!  in the mean time.. run free and shop till ya drop! 

Dollies!  are you in a retro mood?  hope so coz Rewind opened last week and theres some brilliant stuff to be had..
the theme this round is 80's roller rink and the designers have really got all out to meet the brief!

theres loads of things there from shoes, to clothes to backdrops and shoes  and of course roller skates a plenty


Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ - Jun Mesh Hair @ Fameshed till May 27
Eye Shadow : adored - cyndi shadows - bombdigity edition @ Rewind till june 10
 Lips Tint : :Z.S: Lip Tint Set 1 @ Applique till June 5th 
Choker : .tsg. 90s Choker - Stacked Multi


Dress : DISORDERLY&MoonAmore / 80's Party Time / PartyGirl Dress / RARE @ Rewind
 Tattoo : {T'Ink} Don't Croak!  @ Applique 
Elbow pads : REIGN.-  DERBY ELBOWPADS @ Rewind
Right Wrist bands : *katat0nik* (green kitty) Bungee Bracelet & *katat0nik* (pink kitty) Bungee Bracelet @ Rewind
Left Wrist bands : DISORDERLY&MoonAmore / 80s Party Time / Jelly Bracelets / Pink @ Rewind


Leggings : DISORDERLY&MoonAmore / 80'sPartyTime / PartyGirlLeggings / RARE @ Rewind
Knee pads : REIGN.-  DERBY KNEEPADS  @ Rewind
Skates : REIGN.-  DERBY SKATES @ Rewind


Backdrop : Astralia - Vintage backgrounds (Roller Rink) RARE @ Rewind
 Pose 1 : EP - Catch Me I'm Falling #4 @ Rewind 
 Pose 2 : EP - Call Me #8 @ Rewind 
Skate Neon : .peaches. Retro Signs - SKATE @ Rewind

as you can see .. lots of great stuffs at rewind!  don't forget to check out Applique, it opens later today, i know theres lots of goodies there too ..   see ya soon!! <3
If a Party is your Desire
Throw 3 cookies on the fire
Spin 3 times then hum the tune
and you will see lots of balloons
Dollies!!!!   hows it going?  its Monday! Monday and here i am posting pretties for you to see ... awesome no? well honestly i would so much rather be in bed! i hate mondays .. so i made the best of it and went shopping!

as i said last time so many events with celebratory rounds! i managed to get into chapter 4 .. 50L join fee for the group coz theres freebies... i do hope the designers get that split between them .. after all its thier hard work that makes it worth paying to get into the group <3  well worth the 50L though loads of awesomeness to be snagged not to mention some of the items this round..  some great stuffs!

i still can't get into fameshed!  its ridiculous! ive been trying for days what on earth is going on!! i wanna go shopping darn it!  i have something to celebrate myself this week too, i was honored to be acsepted by a fantastic pose store as one of their blogger team!  Tanku so much Elaphante for giving me a go <3


Party Hat : [Cosmic Dust] - Happy Birthday Party Hat
Hair : pr!tty - Yuri - Pastels @ Chapter 4 , ends may 21
Hair 2 : pr!tty - Yuri - -Balloons- Pastels @ Chapter 4
 Eye Shadow : A R T E - Spring Eyeshadow @ Applique, ends May 17 
Freckles : Mello. - Star Freckles Dark Omega/Catwa @ Gacha Garden, ends May 31 FREE GIFT 
Nose Ring : **Dirty Princess** The Boho Chic Princess Nose Ring @ Chapter 4 FREE GIFT 
Lips Stain : .ARISE. Lynn Lips / 1 @ Chapter 4 
Collar : Ama. : Crystal Collar  @ Chapter 4  FREE GIFT 
 Choker : Messy. Lacey Choker Cat Silver @ Anybody, ends May 31 


Jacket : (fd) Metal Chill Jacket - Pink @ Collabor88, ends June 6th 
Top : Decoy - Carli Cropped Tank: Plum @ Collabor88
Shorts : erratic / carrie - denim shorts / pink @ Collabor88
Rings : [La Baguette] Bento Cute Rings - natural @ Secret Hide Out
Nail Polish : Ama. : Sprinkles! Polish  HUNT GIFT 


Ankle Ties : ..::PD::.. Star anklet @ Anybody
Shoes : #EMPIRE - Ranunculus @ Collabor88

Poses & Props 

 Poses : //elephante poses// I Put a Spell On You Coven - ends May 24 
Back drop : GizzA - Vintage Wedding / Bacdrop Rare + my own forest background @ Chapter 4
Fire : Fennux Recipe Mass Merging Fire V2.1  Freebie (smoke added for effect) 
Balloons : +Half-Deer+ Heart Fairylight Balloons ( 3 different sets )

So many prezzies!  Tanku to the hard working Designers! <3 
i just wanted to add.. the Gizza back drop was no mod, how ever the original background forest scene was set to full bright.. ruining my lighting... so i nipped onto the web found a really cute foresty background, uploaded it, wacked it on a cude and covered the full bright one with my own ..  I do hate full bright... or none mod full bright things... so annoying! but in this case simple to work around... oh and the smoke was post editing... thats all i did to the pictures though <3 
oh and the last pose... i moved the one arm out a little with animare coz it was sticking in mai hair!  
just so you know <3 

Morning Dollies!!   Its Friday! almost the weekend, got some nice plans? i hope so. the weather is lovely here at the minute, i'm gonna go do some gardening i think. soak up some sunshine too.

So Sl right now is a flood of Birthday events.. so many are having a anerversery round and that means FREEBIES!   loads of them, check out Fameshed ( ive been trying to get in for 3 days and have yet to manage it ) We Love RP, Chapter 4, theres another one but i forgot..  nutz... it will come back to me lol    anyways... i danced around we love RP thismorning, it opened yesterday, it closes... erm ..  il look that up too... im so ditzy today... i got some great stuff though so check it out...


Ears/Tail : ((LovelyAlien)) - Frilly_Ears & Tail Cream  @ Secret Hide Out - ends May 21
 Horns ; darkendStare. - Sitri Horns @  SaNaRae - ends May 18 
Blind Fold : {aii} - Tattered Blindfold WHITE
Head Chain : Lumae :: - Eclipse Headchain // Rose  FREE GIFT  @ We ♥ Rp end May 31
Hair : .Olive. - the Princess Hair @ Secret Hide Out
 Lashes : WarPaint* - Pixie lashes @ Anybody - Opens May 7th 
Lips Stick : .ARISE. - Cin Lips / 8 @ Coven - ends May 24
Piercing : Yasum - *Underlip Piercing*Silver Dark FREE GIFT  @ We ♥ Rp


Choker : !IT! - Cord Necklace - Tease @ The Avenue - Ends May 20
Outfit *Sweet Kajira* Loira Undies STRIPES PINK only 125L!!! We ♥ Rp
Cuffs : .Quirky. - Delicate Cuffs - White @ Secret Hide Out
Rings : [La Baguette] Bento Cute Rings - natural @ Secret Hide Out
Nail Polish : Ama. : Sprinkles! Polish  HUNT GIFT 
Sparkles : Rivendale ~*~ Fairy twinkles 


Feet Wraps : fri. - Aisling.Wraps (Cloud)


Sitting : FOXCITY. Bento Ground Sits VOL2 ( + slight head tweek with animare) @ Secret Hide Out
Standing : I Made it :p 

The amount of cuteness in this post is EPIC!!!    btw i will be doing another post with better close ups of the nail polish/rings and choker   i know you cant see them so good .. but i promise il make up for it <3

Tanku much Designers giving Gifts at the events this month! We love them all and we loves you too! Tanku much <3

Its bank holiday monday over here so a long weekend of lazyness to be had.... well not for me, as you all know im moving house soon so ive been busy as a beaver packing stuff up.. hence the lack of posts,  i'm doing my best to fit you girls in too but you know how it is... RL comes first.

Anywhoo's....  Over the Rainbow.. a bit of a story tale theme going on here.. i really love this dress from blueberry its soooo cute.. i was gonna make an alice inspired picture but i thought.. no .. lets do Dorothy instead.. coz its always alice isnt it? ...  i even have Toto lol  so cute!


 Glasses : darkendStare. - Rose Charm Glasses [Pink] 
LipsStick : Pink Acid - Lily Rose Catwa Lipstick Applier Cherry
 Eyeshadow : A R T E - Spring Eyeshadow [Catwa] @ Appliqué till May 19th 
Hair : Doe - Shelby (twotone) - Pastels @ Epiphany till May 15th


NeckWear : Noodles - Pom Pom Choker RARE, Unicorn Choker & Heart Lace Choker @ N21 till May 12
Dress : #7 Blueberry - Cocodoll Set - M  - Dress - Blue @ Epiphany
Gloves : **RE** - Deah Glove & Rings @ Shiny Shabby till May 15th
  Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Uni - Corni,  Comming Soon to Anybody, May 7th 
 BackPack : darkendStare. - Bookbirbs [Grey Owl] @ Kawaii Project till May 10th 


 Shoes : [Juju] Lolly Patent Group Gift  (Join Fee 100L) 

Decor : 
BackDrop : Astralia - Cute rainbow backdrop @ N21
Pathway : {RW} YBR Mossy Stone Path - Straight
Fur Baby : JIAN Splendid Spaniels 1. King Charles (Add me!) RARE @ Epiphany

Poses 1/2 Foxy City
Pose 3 Kirin

Lots of time to get these goodies so go shop!  if you cannot find the yellow brick road in the Roawenwood main store check the MP store .. thats where i found it <3